About the Author

What kind of a man writes a book about "Nazi sharks"? 
What kind of a misogynistic bastard parades gloriously nude, humongous-hootered babes around a beach besieged by sharks, murderers, and Mexicans, just for our entertainment? 
What sick, twisted mind imagines sharks programmed by Nationalistic sociopaths to grind slutty bimbos into a smooth, spreadable pate?
And why are you starting to fall in love with him? It's so wrong, yet it feels so--nah, it pretty much feels wrong too.

My name is Jared Roberts. You've never heard of me. If you have, you're probably my mom or violating that restraining order. So I'll tell you about me. But I have to write this in the third person, because the other two persons are in the bathroom.

Jared Roberts is a Canadian man who lives in Oklahoma with his wife. He's just a normal guy who likes silly b-movies, big tits, even bigger tits, and writing. He tried combining these interests as a stockbroker, but it didn't pan out. So he took to writing novels. Nazi Sharks! is the first one.

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