Nazi Sharks! Official Discussion Guide

Please feel free to print and distribute this handy guide for your local reading group's discussion of the themes and social significance of Nazi Sharks!.

  • The sheriff is a classic skeptic, in that he only accepts facts in his worldview. How is skepticism possible without being a huge asshole?
  • What does the sheriff's pipe symbolize and how much would that go for on eBay?
  • Immense value is placed on the relative size of breasts, tits, melons, jugs, boobs, bongos, and whathaveyous throughout the novel. Does Nazi Sharks! objectify women as bikini-wearing bimbos or empower them as bikini-wearing individuals? Why
  • The character of the Shakatitt Shark struggles with masculinity and Kevin Costner films. Which characters best express masculinity and wouldn't they be better off expressing something else?
  • Do you think Eddie Deezen develops as a character? Do you think she develops as a ham sandwich? Explain.
  • The History channel was responsible for releasing the Nazi sharks. What does the novel have to say about science and should anyone give a shit?
  • Who is your favorite character? How much did he or she bribe you?
  • The Shakatitt Shark thinks sharks are phallic symbols. What do you think? (I just made you think about dicks.) 
  • Is Nazi Sharks! a feminist novel? Stop laughing. I'm serious.
  • Why are Nazis such fucking douchebags? I mean, c'mon.
  • What do you think of the Bubblegum Queens' decision to fight the sharks? Is it even remotely plausible? But it's sexy, right?

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