Research Sources

Nazi Sharks! could not have been written without the following sources of scholarship, inspiration, and wisdom.

Notcostner, Kelvin. Kevin Costner Through the Ages. 2013.

    Mr. Notcostner writes eloquently of Costner's importance

    in shaping current Western consciousness and attitudes
    toward masculinity. Argues that, without Field of Dreams
    we may all be drag queens.

James III, William. The Varieties of Mammarous Experience. 1968.

    A handy reference for keeping in touch with the degrees 

    of titillation to be found in the female chest region and the
    psychology thereof. The section on motorboating is especially

Heap, Oral. "Notes Toward a Taxonomy of Tits." The Journal of Stripper Studies. 2008

    A guide for the perplexed in distinguishing between the 

    ladylump, mosquitobite, and nectarine. Delves deep into 
    the variant species in the melon genus and how 
    we may begin classifying wreckingballs.

Beans, John Maynard. UFOs, Voodoo, and Other Shit Hitler Got Up To. 2001.

    Beans' thesis that Hitler got up to all kinds of shit and, 

    if there's some bullshit you can think of, any bullshit, 
    Hitler was probably balls deep in that shit, is explored 
    through volumes of dizzying evidence. Nazi's were up 
    to a lot of shit.

Deezen, Eddie. E-Moting: The Autobiography of Eddie Deezen. 2005.

    I wept, I laughed, I wet the bed. Then I started reading 

    this book and gained some insight into Eddie Deezen.

McKenzie, Linsey Dawn. Google Image Search.

    Because a man needs inspiration. And Linsey offers 

    two huge inspirations.

Wynorski, Jim. Hard to Die. 1990.

    The greatest T&A horror movie ever made.

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